The Boom On US 1

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While there has been much talk about the taxpayer subsidized Digital Domain building and TorreyPines Research Center,  little has been said about the building boom along dealer row in St. Lucie County,which is expected to add jobs and significantly increase the property tax base----all without one cent of taxpayer money. Garber Buick GMC of Fort [...]

Our Local Boy Scouts And An Update On Previous Issues

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For years I quietly shied away from donating to the Boy Scouts of America. Locally, the Boy Scouts consistently received a far greater share of money from larger umbrella charity groups than the Girl Scouts received. On a national level, I strongly disagree with the Boy Scouts' stand to prohibit gays from joining troops or [...]

Get A Second Opinion

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With all the recent controversy surrounding Obamacare, several aspects of the new law are not getting much press. Few realize that Obamacare was based on recommendations made years ago by the Hertage Foundation, a conservative Republican think tank, that wanted people to take responsibility for their health care costs by mandating that they enroll in a health insurance program. [...]

Ford F150s Buzzing Through Paris? Maybe…

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When I returned from a mother-daughter trip to Europe this month, I was pleased to see an article in the New York Times proclaiming that the Ford F150 pickup truck remains the top selling vehicle in the United States. The Times' Sunday Magazine, which was devoted to pop culture, lists the F150 as a country's [...]

Battling Cancer & Big Health Insurance Companies

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As a cancer survivor and a business owner, I thought the affordable healthcare act could be both a blessing and a burden. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 and faced costly treatments, one of my big worries was losing my health insurance and having a pre-existing condition that would not be covered [...]

Bringing New Business To Fort Pierce, And The Passing Of Mr. Ronald Shultz Of Shultz Chevrolet

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We at Sunrise Ford are pleased to again offer our Quick Lane service on Saturdays, Beginning July 6. Minor repairs and maintenance work can be done on all makes and models during our Saturday hours, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Quick Lane service will be provided in the dealership's service drive. Several months [...]

NatGeo Channel’s “Fish Tank Kings” & Sunrise Ford Team Up To Build An Aquatic Masterpiece

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A 1970 vintage Volkswagen bus that was purchased by Sunrise Ford and transformed into a saltwater aquarium will be featured on the National Geographic Channel's “Fish Tank Kings” show on June 1. Sunrise Ford general manager Mike Wetzel said the VW bus that now showcases coral and fish from the Indian River Lagoon will eventually [...]