“U.S. Cancer Death Rate Lowest in Recorded History! A lot of good news coming out of this administration.”

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 Tweet from Donald J. Trump, dated January 9, 2019       As a cancer survivor, I have to call the president out on this one. Sure, there literally have been thousands of tweets and statements from Trump that were determined to be embellishments or down right lies. But this one hits a nerve with me. The [...]

The Assault On “Fake News” Continues

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 With the nonstop breaking news this month about the impeachment inquiry revelations, the Syria debacle, and the Pelosi vs Trump meeting, one story that concerned me made it through only one news cycle. The publicity about a video showing a fake Trump killing members of the media and his political rivals barely made a blip [...]


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A couple of weeks ago I read, with interest, a newspaper article about a concrete plant on Rock Road that was getting some pretty hefty tax breaks from St. Lucie County for adding a 15,000 square foot facility to its existing business and promising to add 15 jobs with an average pay of $17.67. It [...]

Supremely Public

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As I write this, Washington DC is in a dither about the latest of many scandals that have dogged the Trump administration. The U.S. Senate is bickering over what to do about the allegation that Trump's Supreme Court nominee sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl when they were both in high school more than 30 years [...]


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When I heard President Donald Trump say that he would know right away if he and North Korean dictator Kim Jong- un would hit it off, I thought of my friend Bob Mandell who also traveled oversees to promote the United States’ values and ideals. Mandell, who I met in the early 1970s when I [...]

Proof vs. Promises

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If anyone had any doubts about Governor Rick Scott running for U.S. Senate this year, his column in last Sunday's News Tribune should pretty much confirm Scott will be challenging Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson. Scott, who was elected governor eight years ago on the Tea Party wave, was the hard-nosed businessman who wanted to slash social [...]